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Map ENKI Energy Technologies AS located in Stavanger, Norway, is provider of services within Sub-surface (Geology, Geophysics and Reservoir Engineering) and Information Technology (Web & Software development).

In the oil and gas sector, we are primarily targeting oil companies and our services to these companies are mainly based on geological and geophysical support, ranging from exploration to the production.

Coding The Company is also developing software for the engineering applications. The ultimate goal is to use applied mathematics and applied statistics (both two- and multiple-point statistics) in the engineering applications, accompanied by a "state-of-art" 3D visualization technique.

The target is to model contamination and contaminant transport in the geo-volume to make environmental assessment. The applied statistics module has a very variable application area, such as up- and down-scale modelling, prediction and assessment; and covers a very large spectrum, extending from oil industry to mining industry; and from demographic to astrophysical assessments.

When the software modules are completed, the modules will be presented in an updated version of the Company's numerical portal - probably by the end of 2017. A separate numerical portal for this purpose is under development.

The Company has another project related to the Particle Physics for the utilization of new and renewable energy sources, as well. This project is on hold at the moment, because development of software is taking more time than what was initially planned.